Automotive Applications

driving next generation energy savings

Cozy Heating. Lighter Bodys. Stronger Batteries. Sensor Protection. Efficient Assembly.  

Emission reduction and sustainability drive the automotive industry towards a new era of car and manufacturing efficiency. FutureCarbon fosters this change via its innovative carbon composite solutions.

Electrical Interior Heating

Instant Coziness

Low voltage.  Sunlike Warmth.
Embrace the natural warmth of infrared, radiation heating.

Directly applied on interior elements our electrical heating solutions don’t waste energy to heat up anything but where it counts. Passengers are directly warmed up through the most natural warmth…radiating heat. At 12V. In seconds.  

Conductive Coating

Carbo e-Therm is easily dispersible and applicable to any surface geometry. The heat distribution hereby is most homogeneously without any type of hotspots.

Mechanical Reinforcement

Material Excellence, Big Benefits

Durable. Tougher. Stronger.
Superior, unraveled mechanical properties at your hands!

Carbon Nanotubes (CNT’s) are one of the toughest, strongest and stiffest materials yet discovered. With FutureCarbon’s patented processes, finally utilization of their unique properties is made easy.

CNT Resin

The CarboForce polymer system uses carbon nanotubes (CNT) to reinforce Carbon fiber composites. Even very small concentration improve various mechanical properties big times.

Bonding  & Curing

Forceless Assembly

Fast. Energy Saving. Efficient. Low Cost. 
Cold assembly. Excellent bonding.

For assembly of body parts often hot soldering processes, are used. Utilization of our products with excellent electrical, thermal and radiation absorption properties parts can be assembled via microvave heated reacted resins. 3 times faster. No material stress.

Microwave Heated Resins

CarboDis features a concentration of 1% to 4% carbon nanotubes in a watery dispersion. Seamlessly added to the carrier resin electrical properties are boosted allowing forceless assembly via a microwave heating process. Simple. Safe. Stable.

Electromagnetic Radiation Shielding

Electronics Safety

Effective Shielding for Sensitive Electronics.

Electronics and sensors in automotive assume more and more critical tasks and are highly integrated into e.g. Electronic Control Units (ECU). Malfunction through electromagnetic radiation can have negative impact to proper operation of these systems and as a result potentially even into passenger safety.

CarboShield protects these systems from radiation interference!

Coating for Radiation Protection

Provided as an easy to apply dispersion the CarboShield solution effectively shields against radiation from 30MHz to thickness. 99.5% protection.

Battery & Fuell Cell Technology

Better cycling / cell performance.

Li-Ion batteries suffer from low electrical conductivities of active materials and capacity loss during cycling. Carbon nanotubes (CNT) can improve both rate capability and high power efficiency of such cells due to their high aspect ratio and their unique conductivity. 

Today’s proton exchange membrane (PEM) fuel cells still need an increase of efficiency and power density in order to reduce costs during stack assembling an cell operation. One actual challenge is limited performance of gas diffusion electrodes, especially at full load operation. A significant increase in conductivity combined with highest gas flow is required.

Gas diffusion electrodes (GDE) can now overcome these issues by utilization of the extreme conductivity properties of FutureCarbon’s CNT technology. Additionally, due to the extraordinary electrochemical stability of our CNTs which is way superior to carbon black an overall lifetime increase of the fuel cells is achieved.

Aqueous CNT Dispersion

CarboDis standard products or different taylormade variations pave the way to introduce CNTs to battery or fuel cell component production.