Future Carbon’s mission from first day on was to unleash the amazing properties of carbon materials such as Carbon Nanotubes, Graphites and the likes.

While there are various supplier of raw carbon materials, FutureCarbon takes a leap ahead. With our specialized team we take the base material and through patented refinement processes create a new generation of carbon composites.

We focus on solutions! Easily applicable our products allow manufacturers to reach new frontlines of material development.


Carbon materials such as carbon nanotubes - also known as CNT - have amazing properties. As an example ...

CNT‘s are the strongest and stiffest materials yet discovered in terms of tensile strength and elastic modulus. At the same time their density is 6 times lower compared with steel.

Electrical ampacity exceeds copper's potential by a factor of 1.000, thermal conductivity vs. diamonds is twice as good!


Using scalable, patented in house processes we provide easy to use, mass market solutions to the industry.

With our exceptional material expertise we command the manufacture and applicationspecific functionalization of carbon materials in very different matrix systems for our standard products or in close technical and commercial cooperation with our customer and industry partner.


Our solutions provide a disruptive, new angle across various industry applications. Our products address ...

  • Electrical heating
  • Electrical conductivity
  • Mechanical reinforcement & Microstructure
  • Electro magnetic shielding

... and are provided in easily applicable forms such as:

  • dispersible coatings and impregnations,
  • granulates, powders and masterbatches,
  • or applied substrates


Protecting the environment is part of FutureCarbon‘s NDA. Our manufacturing and refining processes are defined for utmost environment protection and material utilization optimized for their later applications.

Our awareness is also reflected by the development projects on human toxicity (TRACER) and environmental accounting (HARCANA) as well as our participation in various standardization panels and professional associations.

As such we are a major founding member of Inno.CNT, established in 2008 by The German Federal Ministry of Education and Research funds for the investigation of carbon nanotubes (CNT) and its applications.


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