MIG Fonds invest in companies in the areas of bioengineering, energy efficiency, high-technology, medical engineering, cleantech, environmental technology, nano technolofy and IT.

These fonds are solely financed on basis of equity capital of private investors and therefore are completely independent of banks and stock exchange.

Further information as below:
Internet: http://www.mig-fonds.de



VRD GmbH belongs to a family office of a renowned family of entrepreneurs. VRD primarily invests in companies with a strong business model coupled with a high potential and an ambitious management. Sustainability for past, current and future generations is considered a key element in a fair partnership.

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Internet: http://www.vrd-investment.com/


KfW is one of the world’s leading development banks. With its decades of experience, KfW is committed to improving economic, social and ecological living conditions all around the world on behalf of the Federal Republic of Germany and the federal states. To do this, it supplied funds totaling 73.4 billion euros in 2012 alone; and of this, 40% went into measures for protecting the environment and combating climate change. 

Funding of German small and medium sized companies is one of the most important business sectors of KfW. 48 percent of all funding went to medium sized companies. KfW supports founder of new business as well as small and medium sized companies concerning investments for development and employment. For this KfW provides long-term investment and working credits via their house banks.

Out of their ERP start fund KfW invests directly in cooperations with young and ambitious technology companies, which turn promising research results into a business plan. Requirement for this is the commitment of a private investor. The investment of this private investor can be reflected by ERP start fund, which means co-financing on identical conditions. According to the current business plan the company can use the equity capital for research, product development or for rollout of new products.


Further information as below:

E-Mail:             Infocenter(at)kfw.de

Internet:          www.kfw.de



The S-Refit AG is Bavaria's largest savings bank holding company with 22 supported corporate investments. The S-Refit AG invests along with their daughters fund S-Refit EFRE Fonds Bayern GmbH and medTech Capital Fonds GmbH in technology companies in the biotechnology, medical technology, mechanical engineering, software and new material.