High Efficiency Coating for Electrical Heating

Carbo e-Therm is a high-efficiency, carbon based electrically heated coating. Developed as a product family provided in different polymer systems a broad set of different industry requirements and applications are matched.

  • Windblade

  • Sofa

  • Pipeline

  • Grid

Application Simplicity

Application Simplicity

looks like paint. handles like paint.

We have developed special processes that allow Carbo e-Therm to be handled and applied easily by standard manual or mechanical processes such as brush, squeegee, roller, spraying, silk screening, etc.

Wide Heat Range

Wide Heat Range

from cozy to 500°C.

The Carbo e-Therm family has various flavors for a wide range of industries…with temperature of up to 500°C

Lightning Fast

Lightning Fast

switch on. heat up.

Due to its great conductivity the Carbo e-Therm heat up cycle goes very fast. Pending the applied substrate within seconds xx% of the target temperature can be achieved. Within xx seconds the max temperature.

Any Shape

Any Shape

countless options.

The excellent applicability of Carbo e-Therm allows the industry to heat up very different geometries and surfaces. Tubes. Leather. Plates. Grids…

Voltage Freedom


power as you like. high safety.

Carbo e-Therm provides high heating power across a broad set of energy sources…from low voltage to 230V.

With its excellent conductivity the coating makes it even possible to implement high heating power at non-hazardous low voltages.


high safety.

With its excellent conductivity the coating makes it even possible to implement high heating power on non-hazardous low voltages.

Perfectly Even

Perfectly Even

uniform beats hotspot.

The coating provides a most homogeneous heat distribution even for large surface areas. Hotspots are left for wires and the likes, not Carbo e-Therm coatings.

Robustness. Liveliness

Robustness. Liveliness.

can’t break it

Drill a hole through the coating, put a nail through it, power it up heavily..the heating will remain functional.




save energy. reduce carbon footprint 

Carbo e-Therm is a high efficiency heating system in many aspects. Due to its radiating heating nature ca. 3°C less temperature is required compared to conventional interior heating applications to achieve the same feeling of warmth. 1°C reflects about 6% energy saving.

In industry applications the coating can be directly applied where the heat is required. This allows realization of directly heated form heaters and the elimination of heating ovens, where a substantial amount of energy is wasted caused by hot air being exhausted to the ambient surrounding.

Technical Specifications

VariantACR70-200A ACR120-200A
Sheet Resistance R▢; up to 1 Ω
Conductivity/Addiditive Carbon
Color Anthracite
Viscosity Low-Viscosity Liquid
Bonding System Acrylate
Coat Thickness (dry) ~ 0.04mm
Temperature Range-30°C up to 70°C -30°C up to 120°C
Power Source DC / AC / Solar
Power 12-24V (Non hazardous) up to 230V
Aging Resistance High resistance against e.g. alkalis, UV Radiation, heat and low temperatures
Application Coating via standard processes, e.g.: rolling, spraying, squeegees, screen printing
Shelf life 6 months
Electrical connection Low cost +/- electrodes, Adjustable temperature via e.g. electrical PWM signal control,


The Automotive industry is constantly challenged for technological developments. With the recently fast growing popularity of e.g. hybrid and e-cars manufacturers are looking for new ways to efficiently heat up car's interior since there won't be any engine waste heat any longer.

Carbo e-Therm supports this trend as an excellent heating system since it can be operated directly with available onboard network operating on 12 to 24 V.

Being a radiant heater source it provides a most pleasant and cozy interior warmth that can be easily applied on e.g., interior panels, steering wheels, arm rests, etc. The time for interior heating can be reduced since it is independent of motor heating and due to its fast heat-up time.



Carbo e-Therm is used for inside as well as outside heating in the construction industry. Applied directly on the flooring or substrates such as e.g. fiber grids, heating foils which are put underneath the floor cover - be it concrete, wood, tiles or whatsoever - the technology enables a fast and homogeneous heating of the room, walkway, ramp, etc.

For renovation of old buildings Carbo e-Therm can be used as mold prevention system. Damp spots in the room are heated and dried. In this way, formations of mildew are effectively prevented. By working on non-hazardous low voltage Carbo e-Therm is even suitable for wet area without the need of certification.


Wind Energy

In very windy and cold regions, or in very adverse weather conditions, rotor blades tend to ice up. The results are out-of-balance conditions, to poorer aerodynamics and thus lower energy yield. If rotor blades are iced, operator are required to shut the plant down to avoid damage to the plant or safety risks for the surroundings produced by the detachment of ice pieces. Obviously, the longer the plant is shut down, the lower its commercial effectiveness becomes.

Carbo e-Therm is an excellent solution for heating and de-icing of a wind power plants rotor blade. It can be integrated straight into the rotor blades via coated substrates, e.g. fibre grid’s, or directly applied to the blade’s surface.

Given the thin coatings of a few µm only there is no significant weight increase of coated blades. Operating voltages in the safe low-volt range can be realized.

Furthermore, if treated with Carbo e-Therm the generator's casing can also be heated which eliminates humidity issues of within casing.



For the industrial segment or in general the use cases for Carbo e-Therm are numerous.
Quite some oils for example are not allowed to fall below a certain temperature threshold since they would otherwise harden permanently. This makes transportation of such liquids complicated and pricy. Heating pipes or shipping casks via Carbo e-Therm is easy, save, cost effective and eliminates such hardening issues.

Many end products are required to be heated up / dried during their manufacturing process. Very often such heat is applied by the products running through ovens. A substantial amount of heating energy is being lost to the ambient air during that process. An alternative method is to directly coat the forms with Carbo e-Therm. Doing so the heat is directly applied to the end product, eliminating the waste of energy. A not so minor benefit to be highlighted lies in overall increased plant efficiency and large savings since the overall timing for the manufacturing cycle is reduced. Furthermore, ovens are no longer required in the manufacturing lines, reducing real estate / machine space required.

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