Electromagnetic Radiation Protection

The negative effects of electromagnetic radiation are widely and - where human beings are affected - also emotionally discussed, leading to investigations of effects all over the world. Government regulations on prevention of radiation exposure are becoming continuously harder driving various industries to integrate shielding solutions into their product designs. There are various technologies to prevent transmission of electromagnetic waves through a material by either reflecting or absorbing such radiation.

If electrical percolation threshold in a composite material is exceeded, their electrical conductivity leads to an increasing reflective behavior of the respective composites and coatings. As a result the suppression performance of radiation transmission is affected and the radiation is backscattered. Due to their conductivity metallic shielding solutions are primarily reflecting radiation.

Carbon particles at the same time are also able to absorb electromagnetic radiation over a broad frequency range. The degree of absorption depends on the carbon material itself. The effect is herby influenced by their shape, crystallinity and by their mass fraction and dispersion in composite materials and coatings.

FutureCarbon has developed a new type of electromagnetic shielding solution which features both, radiation reflection in combination with a high level of radiation absorption.