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Electromagnetic Radiation Protection

CarboShield is a highly effective, carbon based, broadband coating safeguarding against a broad set of undesired electromagnetic radiation. 

Its broad range of shielding effectiveness allows various industries to fend off the negative effect of radiation / interference to the functionality of even smarter, higher integrated systems. Furthermore, if used in household applications it protects human beings against a large range of the so-called "electro-smog".


Radiation? Gone!

Radiation? Gone!

from harm to warm.

While conventional solutions backscatter radiation CarboShield actually also has absorption properties. Thus, instead of keeping them around signals are additionally being dissipated by the coating.

The attenuation properties of CarboShield allow a shielding effectiveness of 99.9%! Harmful radiation is turned into (inmeasurable) harmless warmth.


Broad. Range.

shielding the wave. 

The shielding effect applies to very high (VHF) up to super high frequencies (SHF) thus, effectively protects against a very board range of radiation. Radiation from radio waves up into the microwave range is being eliminated.

Application Simplicity

Application Simplicity

looks like paint. handles like paint.

We have developed special processes that allow CarboShield to be handled and applied easily by standard manual or mechanical processes such as brush, blade, roller, spraying, silk screening, etc. 

Any Shape

Any Shape

Any Shape

countless options

The excellent applicability of CarboShield allows simple application to very different geometries and surfaces. Brick. Plasterboard. Wood. Marble. Plastic. etc.

CarboShield Technical Specification

ViscosityLow-Viscosity Liquid
Solvent BaseWater
Recommended Coat Thickness (dry)min. 0.04mm per layer
Processing Temperature15°C up to 35°C
Shielding Frequency Range30MHz to 40GHz
Shielding Attenuation~ 36db, one layer, ~ 46db, two layers, broad band attenuation: Almost constant over whole frequency range
Aging ResistanceComparable to common high quality wall paints
ApplicationCoating via standard processes, e.g.: rolling, spraying, brush, blade, screen printing
Shelf life6 months
Deliverypackage unit of CarboShield variant


Our homes are increasingly filled with gadgets, TV’s, lighting, wireless devices. Also close to our homes we there is a quite some infrastructure such as cell towers or high voltage power lines supporting our modern lifestyle. All these electrical appliances generate electrical fields / radiation. The effect of radiation, often referred to as electro smog, to our health is widely discussed. Danger to our well being includes severe threats to e.g., our immune system, cell growth and tumour formation, foetal development, the central nervous system and the brain. 
CarboShield effectively protects your home by shielding and absorbing radiation and turns it into hamrless warmth. Human beings are effectively protected from harm.



Today’s electronics become smarter with a growing amount of sensors and overly more integrated all the time. Electromagnetic radiation may affect proper operation of these electronics. CarboShield’s design ensures the necessary reliability and functionality of these sensitive technical devices by safeguarding them against exposure to radiation and disturbing interference. Malfunction of systems is eliminated.


Privacy Protection

Protection of our privacy and the security of information is a red-hot topic not just for governments or businesses but any person these days. Electromagnetic spying is one method often used to violate data privacy. Hereby, signals which are emitted by any unprotected device are tapped to steal data. CarboShield effectively absorbs those emissions and thus, intended signal tapping even from very close distances would fail. Data Privacy is enabled.


Downloads about CarboShield

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